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Top Gun Firearms is a licensed firearms dealer in Southern CA with over 26 years of experience, and provides a full line of brand name firearms, shooting sports accessories, and survival equipment at highly discounted prices.  On the Products page there is a list of firearms that are available by special order.   I am a private dealer and I do not stock any firearms. I also always list the current prices and will be happy to check price and availability on any non-listed item you may request.

Top Gun Firearms is a strong supporter and member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and provides a link to their web site.  There you will find a wealth of information, not only about the NRA, but current firearms news, firearms research, federal, state, and local affairs, a detailed summary of the firearms laws in all 50 states, and a list of all federal and state legislators with an e-mail link to write to them.  Check it out.  I also strongly encourage you to join the NRA.  There’s strength in numbers, and it’s vitally important that those of us who enjoy the shooting sports and gun collecting speak as one voice against the mindless onslaught of state and federal gun control legislation that does nothing to reduce crime. 

Pay attention to all proposed gun law legislation as shown on our Gun Law Watchlist page. I try to keep this current so that you know what’s going on out there. I also urge you to join and support the NRA and register to vote.

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